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Committee Code Of Conduct

The Committee plays a central role in the management and running of Manchester Triathlon Club (MTC). As a
Committee member your time and voluntary commitment to MTC is highly valued and appreciated.

This Code of Conduct seeks to ensure the proper functioning of the MTC Committee and should be followed by all Committee members.

  1. The Committee meets quarterly unless otherwise agreed. Strive to attend all meetings if possible and send apologies beforehand to the secretary and chair for necessary absences.
  2. Prepare for the meeting by reading the agenda and any documents / emails which have been circulated beforehand and identified as relevant for the Committee meeting. Where possible, bring your own print out of the agenda / relevant documentation to the Committee meeting or have it available electronically.
  3. Arrive on time and stay to the end of Committee meetings where possible.
  4. Participate in Committee meetings:
    • Listen to what others have to say and keep an open mind.
    • Contribute positively to the discussions.
    • Respect other peoples’ opinions.
  5. Help others concentrate on the meeting. Discourage side conversations. One person speaks at a time.
  6. Decisions taken at Committee meetings or via email correspondence are taken on a majority vote with the Chair having the deciding vote where a decision is tied.
  7. Have the best interests of MTC in mind at all times.
  8. Contact the chair if you ever need clarification on anything, whether before a Committee meeting to do with an item on the agenda or at any other time if it is in connection with the Committee or your role.
  9. Draw attention to any potential conflicts of interest that may arise. For example, a person cannot be both an MTC coach and a Committee member at the same time. If a Committee member has a conflict of interest in connection with any matter to be decided by the Committee, the Committee member will be obliged to abstain from voting on the particular matter.
  10. Fulfil any responsibilities assigned to you to the best of your ability either at a Committee meeting or via correspondence between Committee members and be prepared to report back on your progress at the next meeting.
  11. Honesty and integrity are always expected in your role as a Committee member.
  12. Expenses should not be incurred on behalf of MTC without approval from the chair and the treasurer. Where expenses have been approved, they will be reimbursed by MTC.
  13. There is likely to be email correspondence amongst the Committee between meetings. Committee members all have busy lives, however it is kindly requested that you check your emails for any MTC related correspondence on a regular basis (e.g. once or twice a week and more often if you are personally involved in an urgent matter for MTC).
  14. Everything said by any person at a Committee meeting and / or communicated in correspondence between Committee members is strictly private and confidential between the Committee and not to be repeated elsewhere either to other MTC members or any third party.
  15. A Committee member is expected to serve a minimum term of 12 months.
  16. Each member of the Committee must be a fully paid up member of MTC during his / her tenure on the Committee. Committee members are personally responsible for paying their own membership.