Llyr Hughes

BTF Lvl 2 Tri Coach


BTF Level 2

Reasons for Starting Coaching

I’ve been very fortunate to have good coaches throughout my time playing and competing in different sports. I’d like to do the same and give something back to the sports I enjoy. Giving all the opportunity to access, enjoy and gain the benefits of sport.

Reasons for Starting Triathlon

Injury cut short my football playing days. I got back in the swimming pool, did a couple of open water events and progressed to triathlon after watching the London Hyde Park tri in 2009.

Most embarrasing / worst moment in a race

1st race sprint tri at Lymm in May 2010. 5K into the 20K bike and I had a rear flat. Being my 1st tri I was determined to finish the race and cycled the remaining 15K. Luckily the rubber stayed around the rim of the tyre, so no damage to the wheel. I finished the race.

Best moment in a race

Crossing the line at London Hyde Park 2010, to finish my 1st Olympic distance triathlon.