Key information

You will find lots of information on the events below, but if you have any questions please email us on:

The popular Tuesday evening Aquathlons changed location in 2016, and are now held at Trafford Water Sports Centre, Sale Water Park.  This is a fantastic venue to race with the added benefit of a 1-lap swim and 2-lap run course – keeping it simple and optimal race conditions!

The dates for the 2018 Aquathlons are:

  • Tuesday 22 May 2018
  • Tuesday 19 June 2018
  • Tuesday 31 July 2018
  • Tuesday 21 August 2018

With a race start time of 7pm these events make a perfect mid-week hit-out!

The cost per race is £15 for BTF members and £18 for non-BTF members, and £6/£7 for Youths (BTF age group A). This year we also have a special offer – book all 4 races for only £50!!

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Event Details

The events are being held at Sale Water Park, Rifle Road, Sale, Cheshire, M33 2LX

Events will take place alongside the usual open water swimming sessions.


Parking is available at the venue outside the boathouse restaurant

It is also a short walk from Sale Water Park Metrolink stop.

Provisional Event Programme
  • 1815 hrs – Registration open @ Trafford Watersports Centre (at the venue)
  • 1830 hrs – Transition open
  • 1850 hrs – Race briefing in transition
  • 1900 hrs – Start of open race

Registration is open from 1815 hrs until 1845 hrs. At Registration, please ensure that you receive a race number & 4 safety pins if applicable.

BTF members must bring their up to date race licences or will be required to purchase a day licence. Non-BTF members will be issued with a day licence.

Course Description

  • Transition is open from 1830 hrs
  • Transition is directly to the left of the swim exit, between the lake and the Watersports Centre
  • The surface is wooden decking
  • Transition will be a single line of numbered boxes against the fencing to the edge of the lake.
  • Transition is one way only – please see diagram at reception
  • All positions will be numbered
  • Only competitors will be allowed in transition


Swim Course
  • Seniors swim just over one lap red for 1km.
  • The swim course starts in deep water and is swum in an anti clockwise direction.
  • Please take care entering and exiting the water on the concrete ramp. Ensure you use the anti-slip matting.


Run Course
  • Exit transition and follow the path around the lake anti clockwise.
  • Each lap is 2.5km
  • On the second lap competitors run past transition
  • The run course is a very simple and easy to follow
  • Seniors run 2 laps for 5km.
  • It is the responsibility of competitors to count their own laps.
  • At approximately 250m there are stepping stones across the stream. These may not be necessary to use, it will depend on the water level, but competitors must take care if / when using these. See below for the picture…


Stepping stones below.

It is anticipated that the water level may well be low enough not to have to use these, but should this be the case, competitors should take extra care when crossing the stepping stones, bearing in mind they are likely to be wet.


The event is conducted under the rules of the British Triathlon Federation, available at

In addition, competitors should please note:

  • The race briefing at 18.50 is compulsory for all competitors
  • Wetsuits for the swim are compulsory unless the water temperature exceeds 14º C. The water temperature will be posted at registration.
  • Swim hats must be worn at all times during the swim.
  • Race belts are permitted.
  • Do not alter or trim your race number in any way
  • Time penalties will be awarded for impeding other competitors. Please ensure that your wetsuit is placed in your plastic tub.
  • Please follow all instructions given by race marshals and officials.
  • Take care when entering/exiting the water.
  • Safety boats, and rescue kayaks will be on hand to assist where necessary.
  • Results will be published online as soon after the event as possible.
  • Please do not ask the timekeepers for your time or placing whilst the race is in progress.