Indoor Cycling

Although it would be great to be able to train outdoors on your bike all year round, living in England makes this difficult. Some session are also easier to do on a turbo trainer or spin bike, where you don’t need to worry about cars, traffic lights, pot-holes, roundabouts!

We use interval training based on perceived effort (how hard it feels), heart rate, cadence (how fast you are turning the pedals), resistance/gear ratios or power to create a wide variety of sessions so there’s no chance of getting bored. Training in the company of others also makes it easier to motivate yourself to work hard. Having a coach around to observe during the session means that any obvious issues with bike set-up and cycling position, pedalling technique or choice of cadence can be quickly and easily identified. Like all our club training the sessions will be structured around our Annual Training Plan to make sure you are ready for race season.

Winter Spin/Turbo Sessions

The Man Tri turbo sessions plan is designed to improve cycling performance by increasing force production and developing aerobic power throughout the winter. The program is methodical and progressive and sessions will be repetitive and hard. The sessions will maximise training time and will greatly benefit anyone who regularly attends them.

The sessions are split into two categories:

  1. Strength Endurance
  2. VO2 Max

The Strength Endurance efforts increase in duration throughout each cycle and resistance increases in each subsequent cycle. The sessions increase sustainable force production and train the body to race more effectively at a lower cadence. Heart rate and lactate levels are consequently lower so the body is less fatigued for the run when racing. Main sets are 40 min.

VO2 Max sessions develop maximal aerobic power which increases potential speed at sub-maximal aerobic effort when racing. The efforts are short with equal recovery and cadence is whatever it needs to be to achieve the highest sustainable power throughout the session. Main sets are 35 min.

Bike ATP

What will be provided?

  • Coach
  • Session Plan
  • HR / RPE tables to help judge intensity
  • Music (where available)
  • Fans (where available)
  • Spin Bike are available for use at the Monday AM and Friday PM session at Stretford
  • Exercise mats to raise the front wheel of the bike, stretching and core exercises

What should you wear?

  • Cycling / Tri-Short (lycra with a degree of padding)
  • Cycling top, running vest or t-shirt – you will sweat a lot!

What do you need to bring?

  • 2 x Towel to mop up sweat from you and bike/floor!
  • 1 x 750ml drink (as a minimum)
  • Optional: Heart rate monitor
  • Ideal: Knowledge of your maximum heart rate achieve whilst cycling, maximum power achieve during final minute of a ramp test, CP5/20/30, etc


  • Arrive a few minutes early and begin warming up so that the coach can start the session promptly
  • As well as a towel to ‘mop your brow’ bring a second towel to wipe down your bike and the floor after the session.