We have gathered a list of the popular routes that are used on our Sunday rides from the Didsbury Clocktower every Sunday at 9am.  You can sort them by distance, elevation or group category (depending on your ability).

Once you have selected a route, you will be taken to www.ridewithgps.com and given the option to SEND TO DEVICE. This gives you a host of options such as the ability to send the route to your phone, Garmin/Wahoo device, or the option to download the .FIT/TCX/GPX file.

It is highly advisable to create a free account on the website to take advantage of the easy-to-follow instructions when it comes to sending the route to your chosen device.

All the routes are saved to our MTC account at www.ridewithgps.com.  For more information on the different groups, etiquette and everything that you will need, please go here

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