Frequently Asked Questions

Below, you will find answers to some common questions people have when thinking of joining the Club. If you have any other questions, please let us know via the Contact Us page.
  • How do I join? We use Team Up for all our membership and you can join here. Payment is taken by debit/credit card or set up a direct debit using Stripe.
  • How big is the club? The club is one of the biggest in the country – in recent years we have consistently welcomed over 400 members!
  • Do I have to live in Manchester? We have members from Salford, Cheshire, Derbyshire and even a few overseas members. If you are willing to travel to training sessions, we are happy to welome you to our friendly club.
  • How much does membership cost? We have two levels of membership, Gold and Bronze. Gold membership entitles you to attend as many training sessions as you like at no additional cost; if you plan on attending two or more sessions a week then Gold membership offers the best value for money. You can pay upfront, or via direct debit. Bronze membership entitles you to attend as many sessions as you like on a ‘Pay As You Go Basis’. You pay an upfront one off cost and then per session (£6) or you can buy packs of 10 or 20 sessions to then use to attend training sessions. The cost of membership and details how to join can be found here.
  • I am a bronze member how do I pay for sessions/purchase session packs? When you sign up for a session through the Team Up App or through a laptop, you will be required to pay for the session. Alternatively, you can purchase packs of 10 or 20 training sessions which you can use to book your training sessions. All sessions you wish to attend should be booked through Team Up prior to the session (registration is open for 10 mins after the session begins as well so you have plenty of time). The training session packs can be found on the Membership page in Team Up here.
  • Can I join if I only want to do duathlons as I don’t like swimming? Yes. We have members who only do duathlons and a few who concentrate on only one sport.
  • Do you cater for all ability levels? Yes. Every year we welcome members from absolute beginners who want to give triathlon a try, some who have never ridden a bike on the road before, right through to a large proportion of our members who represent GB at Age Group.
  • Where can I get more information about the club? You can contact us with specific questions or use the Facebook page.
  • Can I come to some training session to see if I like the club before joining? You are welcome to come along and watch some sessions, please ensure you arrange this with the new member contact ([email protected]). For insurance reasons, you are not permitted to train with us until you actually join.
  • Do you do open water swim training? The Club does not organise open water swim sessions, but our Club members often attend open water sessions at local venues such as Sale Water Park, Salford Quays, and Boundary Water Park.
  • What swim sessions do you do? There are coached swim sessions on every day of the week apart from Sunday. These are held either at the Moss Side Leisure Centre, East Manchester, or Manchester Aquatics Centre. 
  • What run sessions do you do? Track training is every Wednesday at Longford Park Stadium in Stretford at the following times:
    • 7 -7.45 am
    • 7.45 – 8.30 am; and 
    • 7-8.00 pm. 
  • What bike sessions do you do? We have one spin session on a Tuesday morning at Moss Side Leisure Centre at 6.30am. We also have a Brick session at Moss Side Leisure Centre on Thursday morning at 6.30am. In addition, in winter we have a weekly club ride on a Sunday morning at 9.00am. It starts from the clock-tower in Didsbury. In Summer the club rides stop but MTC members take part in 10 mile time trials put on by Westmead 88 on a Wednesday evening. 
  • Can I go out on a club ride on a mountain bike? Yes you can use any bike. 1 or 2 riders use them but most will use a road bike with smooth tyres and drop handlebars.
  • How far/fast do you go on a club ride? I’m afraid I will not be able to keep up! Club rides are from 30 to 50 miles, that’s 2 to 3 ½ hours. We usually go along at 15-18 mph. However we usually spilt in to groups of different abilities. We will all start together and ride as one group to get out of Manchester then split in to 2 or 3 depending on how many riders there are. The fast riders often go on a hillier ride than the slow group.
  • Do I need a bike with mudguards? Yes. We request that mudguards are used by all members joining the weekly club ride as a courtesy to fellow riders.
If you still have any questions that have not been answered, please contact [email protected]