Andy Taylor

BTF Lvl 2 Tri Coach

Over 12 years in the fitness industry working with individuals to meet their personal specific goals. Competitive triathlete and duathlete representing GBR age group many times.

I have worked with individuals wanting performance gains and also those who suffer from degenerative diseases, the goal is always to provide the best advice for any individual.

Coaching Philosophy
Always aim to improve and strengthen your weaknesses. Always work to your own goals and not be deterred by others. You may have set backs, this is natural and will always happen, we must pick up where we left off and continue towards our goal. Find intrinsic motivation for yourself, don’t set goals to satisfy others. Don’t stress if you miss a training session if day to day life gets in the way, one session missed is not all fitness lost. Remember to recover as this is when we get stronger.

Level 2 British Triathlon Coach
Level 3 Personal Training Diploma
BA (Hons) Sports Development

Other services
Bike Fitting